Zion Chapel

In 2018, the trustees of Zion Chapel gifted the former Congregational Chapel and Sunday School Hall in Upper Settle to the North Craven Building Preservation Trust, as they had been unable to get planning permission for change to residential use and could not therefore find a buyer for the property.

Our first step was a project viability study to explore potential uses for the Zion Chapel and Hall, including a first round of public consultation, with support from the Architectural Heritage Fund. This included production of a detailed CAD model, an asbestos survey and examination of the roofs by a specialist structural engineer.

NCBPT has begun remedial conservation work on the buildings, with minor repairs to the Chapel roof, and installation of dehumidifiers. Volunteers undertake a regular cleaning programme in the Chapel and the grounds are maintained to a very high standard. A further round of community consultation is planned as part of the scheme to develop the Zion Chapel site for community use and applications for development funding are now in preparation.