Give Peat a Chance


Sat, 15 October 2022 - Fri, 23 December 2022.


Bringing the Yorkshire Dales Peatlands to Life

In an exhibition that starts thousands of years ago and runs up to the present day, we look at how Dales peatlands formed; the wildlife that lives there; how our actions have affected our peatlands; and what we’re doing to restore them.

This exhibition was created by the Yorkshire Peat Partnership and was previously exhibited at the Dales Countryside Museum.

Support from The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund was essential to installing the exhibition at The Folly. The Development Fund is open to individuals, businesses, community groups or voluntary sector bodies. It provides an accessible source of money for a range of projects that result in positive benefits for the National Park’s environment, economy and communities, while enhancing and conserving local culture, wildlife and landscape.

This event is part of Climate Crisis Season