Taking Action on the Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies with ACE Settle and Area


Sat, 15 October 2022 - Fri, 23 December 2022.


ACE Settle has been working for the last three years on these most urgent of issues – raising awareness and taking action at local, regional and national level.

Find out more about our work  including: the activities of our five themed groups on energy, food, transport, biodiversity and communications, events and campaigns we have run and are coming up and, as the world changes for example with more extreme weather events, information about the impacts we are seeing now and can expect.

Despite the enormous challenges that the climate and biodiversity emergencies present, through engaging with others locally and contributing to policy development at all levels, we remain hopeful that we will see implemented the actions at scale and in the timescales needed to avoid the worst of outcomes.

-Sarah Wiltshire
ACE Settle Co-ordinator

This event is part of Climate Crisis Season