Our garden team plan, maintain and develop the gardens and grounds of The Folly and the Zion Chapel and are starting to clear the garden at Dr Buck’s House.

Regular tasks include planting, weeding and pruning, looking after trees and shrubs, clearing and removing garden debris, and maintaining equipment.

The team also act as a friendly point of contact for visitors exploring the gardens.

Recent Projects Include

  • Developing an apothecary’s garden, as it might have been when The Folly was built
  • Clearing the Zion Chapel gardens
  • Creating a circular path around the gardens for visitors to enjoy

Interested in volunteering with the garden team? Contact us!

“It’s an opportunity to look after two different sorts of gardens: a woodland area and a graveyard exposed to the wind and sun. It encourages me to get to work in my own garden, too. As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest” -Volunteer Chris B