Mary Lambert

(1818 – 1843)

Mary Lambert, born in 1818, was descended from wealthy Settle lawyers. In 1841, she married Hogarth John Swale who was the first vicar of Holy Ascension Church. Like many other clergy at the time, Hogarth was also from a very wealthy family — his mother owned Langcliffe Hall. Mary died, aged just 25, after the birth of her second child, John. Hogarth remarried a much younger girl who gave him another six children. Hogarth held appointments in Kensington and Paris and, with money gifted by both his grandmothers, built Ingfield Hall (now known as the Falcon Manor Hotel) where he retired to live.

Mary’s son, John Lambert Swale, had a wonderful 21st birthday celebration before embarking on his military career. Whilst in India he married Blanche Voyle, who came from a military family, and they had a son, Charles Alured Lambert Swale.

In 1876, John was reported missing from Tenby, Wales, and adverts were placed in the newspapers. He was never found. His son Charles was just six. John’s wife Blanche was soon was admitted to a lunatic asylum, where she remained for over 40 years until her death.

Their son Charles qualified as a barrister before returning to Settle. He was an active member of Settle church, cricket and billiard teams, the Conservative Club and the Settle Amateur Operatic Society.

Tragically Charles suffered from depression, and ended his own life aged just 43. Mental health issues do not discriminate between classes.