Walter Morrison Festival

Walter Morrison (1836 – 1921) was a local MP, businessman, social reformer and philanthropist. He lived at Malham Tarn House and loved the landscape of North Craven. He paid for the construction of Giggleswick School Chapel and fought for primary school education for all children in Britain. In his day, he was a well-known figure throughout Malhamdale, but now he is all but forgotten.

Walter Morrison inherited vast wealth from his father James Morrison, who was in the haberdashery and drapery trades. We have investigated and found no links between James Morrison and slavery. There is no evidence that he owned slaves or invested in the slave trade. Walter Morrison was born after the final abolition of slavery in 1833 and spent his inherited wealth supporting a range of social causes.

This year marks 100 years since his death in 1921. The Festival celebrates his life and the landscape he loved through a series of exhibitions, walks, guided tours and events.

Find out what’s on at the Walter Morrison Festival.