What’s an ‘Accredited’ museum?


The Museum of North Craven Life at The Folly was delighted to receive the news that we had achieved ‘Full Accreditation’ in August 2022 for a further 5-year period, after significant work by trustees and volunteers to ensure that we would continue to meet the required standards.

  • The Museum Accreditation Scheme is administered by Arts Council England, which sets national agreed standards for all museums in the UK.
  • The award proves that the museums measure up, meeting the guidelines on how they are run, how they manage their collections and how they engage with their users.
  • Being accredited holds many benefits for the museums, particularly in their relationships with funding organisations and external bodies.

The Accreditation Scheme encourages all museums and galleries builds people’s confidence in how
museums manage collections in trust for society, and how they manage public resources. The North Craven Building Preservation Trust is proud to be part of a scheme that reinforces a shared, ethical way of doing things for everyone involved in running the Museum of North Craven Life.